9 little-known reasons to use QR Code attendance in Google Classroom and other online learning platforms

Updated: April 7, 2020

QR Code attendance is an innovative way for attendance tracker in online courses using Google classroom or another online learning softwares. The following are the reasons why educators should use QR Code

  • Students or pupils can scan QR Code very fast and it can be printed or save to mobile devices for scanning.
  • It is paperless. The QR Code attendance system does not use many papers because every steps are done using google sheet and google form.
  • Teachers can create the customized attendance reports using charts in Google Sheet. They can not do it via traditional attendance.
  • Super fast and very efficient. Students scan QR Code only take a few seconds making attendance tracker for the whole class extremely fast and efficient
  • Very suitable for a very big class. Tracking attendance when teachers has a huge class usually takes a lot of time. By using QR Code, scanning QR Code only needs some seconds which makes tracking very quick and easier.
  • Traditional attendance could not be used in a difficult time with corona virus when corona lockdowns happen around the globe.
    When students join online courses, they can be checked attendance easily via QR Code system such as G QR Code Attendance for Google Classroom.
  • Prevent cheating: each student has an unique QR Code and teacher can restrict each student only scans once so it is more accurate than normal attendance
  • Parents or guardians can receive atttendance report quickly because teachers can share Google Sheet or excel file with them
  • Google Sheet and Google Form are free for education so it is a cost-effective way.
    2HAC Studio creates G QR Code Attendance for Google Classroom and other platforms https://bit.ly/32kppKz . Teachers can use this application for online attendance during COVID-19 lockdown