Best way to find a lucrative niche and add-on idea for G Suite

Updated: June 2, 2020

You need to find a niche for your add-on. For example, if you want to develop a mail merge add-on, you will have to overcome many popular mail merge application such as Yet another mail merge, or Mail Merge with Attachment. I think that you could not have a lot of users because when users search and navigate the marketplace, these tools will take the number one and two spots in the search result.
You should be a big fish in small pond.
For example, in the past, I wanted to build a QR Code add-on. Which kind of QR Code add-on I want to build? I researched via some tools such as Google Trends, Keyword, Google Adword, and G Suite marketplace. All those tools are free.
1. Using Google Trend

  • Google Trend is a very popular Google tool. If you want to search which are trending in a period of time, you can enter the keyword you want to study. For instance, I enter the QR Code keyword
  • Go to Related queries, choose Rising if you want to view trend recently, or choose Top if you want to see top trend. For top trend, QR Code Generator is one of top trend for QR Code
  • You can find result in a specific country or worldwide, search trend in a range (past 12 months, past 5 years, etc) you want.
    2. Using
  • is also my favorite tool. You can find keywords via Google, Youtube, Amazon, Bing and some other popular websites.
  • You notice that QR Code Generator is one of best keyword in the list
    3. Using Google Adword
  • You have to create a Google Adword account, after that, you create an Adword campaign and you can see the volume of top keyword in the Keyword planner tool. It is obvious that QR Code Generator is a top keyword

    4. Decide niche
    After some initial finding, you think that online QR Code generator might be a good niche. You go to G Suite marketplace and enter QR Code Generator and search to verify the niche. I found that there is no QR Code generator for Google Slides, so I decided that I will build Trackable QR Code Generator
    5. Summarization
    There are a lot of steps to find an idea for G Suite addon. You should brainstorm with your team to discuss about some possible keywords which could lead to good idea for add-on. It is not easy task but it is worth to do. Good luck.