Generate QR Code for vCard using QR Code Generator Add on

Updated: March 11, 2020

vCard, also known as VCF (Virtual Contact File), is a file format standard for electronic business cards. vCards are often attached to e-mail messages, but can be exchanged in other ways, such as Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), on the World Wide Web, instant messaging or through QR code. They can contain name and address information, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs, logos, photographs, and audio clips. You can share your vCard via QR Code. Your coworkers, friends, partners can scan QR Code via mobile device. Mobile device will show all vCard information in the contact application and they can save contact very easily as following:

1. Install Add on

  • Install add on via this link or Open your Google Docs File and then click on Get add-ons menu.
  • Enter qrcode and search
  • Install Barcode QR Code Generator for Google Docs add on

    2. Click on vCard QR Code Generator menu

    3. Customize vCard infomration
  • You can choose vCard format: Version 2.1 or 3.0
  • Enter your vCard information: first name, last name, email, company, position (Work), Phone (Home), Phone (Work), Address (Home), Address (work), Fax (Home), Fax (Work)

    4. Customize QR Code infomration
  • You can insert your brand logo, label or customize any QR Code properties you want

    4. Copy QR Code to Docs
  • Click on Copy to clipboard button. vCard QR Code image will be copied to clipboard