How to earn passive income and make a living by selling G Suite addons?

Updated: June 1, 2020

I am Cuong, CEO of 2HAC Studio. We develop top addons in G Suite, for example, the QR Code Attendance for Google Classroom and Employee

  • We make a sustainable growth and we are still alive during Covid19 pandemic by serving customers in G Suite platform. I would like to share our experience via blogs. So I will teach you how to earn a good passive income, make money when you are sleeping by selling G Sute addon in G Suite marketplace.
  • Many developers lost their jobs due to Covid19 pandemic. What could they do now? Do they need to develop the iOS or Android applications and games? Of course not. So far, there are more than 5 milions apps and games in App Store or Google Play. Mobile applications have reached the saturation point. G Suite addons is a good choice because there are more than 2 billions user are using G Suite.
  • You will learn how to find an idea, a niche for your addons, how to develop add on, build a payment system using Paypal or Stripe, how to market an app, how to listen to your customer and satisfy their needs.
  • After you learn G Suite courses via 2HAC Studio blog, you can build top apps in G Suite marketplace
    1. How to find a niche
    You will learn how to research market. I will introduce and guide you to use the market research tool such as Google Trends, keyword tool, Google search, etc to find a niche
    2. How to develop add-ons
    G Suite add-ons language is App Script. You will learn some basics about App Script. JavaScript Framework such as Vue JS is a very good framework for rapid development
    3. How to build a payment system
    You can not sell G Suite add-ons by default in G Suite marketplace. Therefore, you need to build a payment system such as Paypal or Stripe for charging customers. Premium model is my recommendation.
    4. How to market an add-on
    I will teach you how to use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, pinterest, youtube for promoting the add-ons. SEO is my favourite. It takes time to get rank but SEO is free and you can save money. I also introduce how to use Google and Facebook ads to reach audience.
    5. How to take care of customers
    Customer care is the hardest part but you have to learn how to answer to their complaints, listent to their need.