How to generate Barcode via Barcode, trackable QR Code Generator for Docs Add on

Updated: January 10, 2020

1. Install Add on

  • Install add on via this link or Open your Google Docs File and then click on Get add-ons menu.
    click add on menu
  • Enter barcode and search
    search add on
  • Install Barcode, trackable QR Code Generator & Print add on
    install add on
    2. Click on barcode generator menu
    click on barcode generator menu
    3. Customize barcode
    You can customize a lot of properties of barcodes as the following:
  • Barcode value
  • Barcode text label
  • Barcode format: CODE128 auto, CODE128 A, CODE128 B, CODE128 C, EAN13, EAN8, UPC, CODE39, ITF14, ITF, MSI, MSI11, MSI1010, MSI1110, Pharmacode
  • Width
  • Height
  • Background Color
  • Line Color
  • Whether you show barcode text or not
  • Font
  • Font options
  • Font Size
  • Text Margin
  • Note: for creating two lines barcode, take a look at this post
    Barcode will be automatically displayed in the barcode form when you change any attribute of Barcode
    customize barcode
    4. Copy barcode to Docs
  • Click on Copy barcode button. barcode image will be copied to clipboard
    copy barcode