How to generate QRCode via Barcode QR Code Generator for Google Docs Add on

Updated: January 10, 2020

1. Install Add on

  • Install add on via URL or Create new Google Docs File and then click on Get add-ons menu.
    click add on menu
  • Enter barcode and search
    search add on
  • Install QRCode via Easy Barcode QR Code Generator add on
    install add on
    2. Click on QR Code generator menu
    click on qrcode generator menu
    3. Customize QR Code
    You can customize a lot of properties of QR Code as the following:
  • QR Code Content
  • Size
  • Fill color
  • Background Color
  • Min Version
  • Error Version Level
  • Mode: 1-Label-Trip, 0-Normal, 2-Label-Box, 3-Image-Strip, 4-Image-Box
  • QR Code Label
  • Label Size
  • Label Position X
  • Label Position Y
  • Label Font Color
  • Labe Font
  • Image
    customize qrcode
    4. Copy QR Code to Docs
  • Click on Copy QR Code button. QR COde image will be copied to clipboard
    copy qrcode
    **5. Create QR Code with label **
  • Choose Mode is 1-Label-Strip
    Choose Label Strip
  • Enter QR Code Label, fox example XS Max
  • QR Code with label will be displayed in the form
    QR Code label
    6. Insert image into QR Code
  • Click Choose File button and choose image you want to insert into QR Code. For instance, you want to insert Facebook logo into QR Code
    Choose Image File
  • Mode will automatically select 4-Image-Box. You should not change it because 4-Image-Box is only option which allows to insert image into QR Code.
    Facebook logo is inserted into QR Code as below:
    QR Code Logo Result