How to manage Google contacts inside Gmail iOS and Android mobile app

Updated: May 22, 2020

You can use G Contact Manager addon inside Gmail iOS and Android mobile app. It is very powerful feature of G Suite addon. This help post will guide you how to manage contacts inside Gmail iOS application. It is similar to Android experience.
1. Download add on

  • Go to gmail website and download and download G Contact Manager add on.
    2. Open Add on
  • You go to Gmail mobile app and open a message
  • Tap on G Contact Manager icon button at the bottom right corner. The following screen will be displayed:
  • Tap on the app’s icon and swipe up to use app in full screen mode
    3. Add a contact
  • Tap on Add contact button
  • Enter the Email, First Name, Last Name, Prefix (for example Mr, Mrs, Ms), Phone, Birthday, Home Address, Work Address and Note
  • After that, click Add button

    4. Search contact
  • Tap on Search contact and enter information you want to search such email, phone, etc
  • Tap Search button
  • Detailed information of contact will be shown up