How to use G QR Code Attendance for google classroom

Updated: February 20, 2020

Teacher can use QG QR Code Attendance for google classroom for attendance tracker. Each student will be provided a QR Code. When they join google classroom, teacher will generate QR Codes and share the QR Code attendance sheet file as an assignment. Attendance information will be recorded on the Google Sheet automatically when student scans QR Code.
1. Install Add on

  • Install add on via this link or Open your Google Sheet File and then click on Get add-ons menu.
  • Enter QR Code Attendance and search
  • Install G QR Code Attendance for classroom add on
    *2. Enter data for attendance tracker
    You create a Google Sheet file with at least 4 following columns:
  • Student: student's name
  • Identifier: each student will have an unique code
  • QR Code Image: Add on will add QR images into QR Code Image column
  • CHECK IN: When student checks in, a value will be inserted to this column automatically by Google Form. For example, IN value

    3. Click on QR Code Scanner Generator menu

    4. Set up Google Form for attendance tracker system
    4.1. Set up Check in Student
  • Choose Identifier column for QR Code Identifier
  • Enter Google Form title, for example “ATTENDANCE TRACKER”
  • Click the PLUS button
  • Choose SET (=) for ACTION. Set IN value for SELECT VALUE. It means that when teacher scan QR Code from student and submit data from Google Form. Google Form will write IN value into CHECK IN column in the Google Sheet file.
  • Choose CHECK IN column for TO COLUMN. When you finish choosing TO COLUMN, VALID will display green check

    4.2. Set up QR CODE
  • Choose QR CODE IMAGE for Save QR Code Image To
  • If you want to show QR Code Label, you choose a column for this label, for instance, choose Identifier column. And then choose 1-Label-Strip or 2-Label-Box for Mode
  • Click on PREVIEW to see how QR Code look like. Please wait a moment for generating QR Codes
  • You can customize a lot of qr code's attributes such as error correction level, image, label properties, qr code's size
  • You can insert image, logo into middle of QR Code, click on Choose File button to choose image, for example I will choose facebook logo. After that, Mode will be 4-Image-Box automatically
  • Click on PREVIEW to see branded logo

    4.3. Generate multiplese QR CODES
  • Press SAVE TO PDF to save all qrcodes to pdf file
  • Press SAVE TO SHEET to save all qrcodes to QR code image column

    5. Print, scan QR Code and submit Google Form Data
  • Send these QR Codes which are listed in Google Sheet file to your students.
  • When you want to check in student when students come to class, students will show up with their QR Codes and you can scan by Iphone (using Camera app or any QR Code Reader app from AppStore), or Android phone (using QR Code reader app from Google Play). After scanning QR Code, you will go to Google Form which is set up previously
  • If you check in Student, choose CHECK IN option and click Send button to submit Google Form Data. IN value will be updated to CHECK IN column instantly after you submit data via Google Form