How to view QR Code statistic using QR Code Scanner Add on?

Updated: February 28, 2020

You can view QR Code statistic such as number of users scan QR Codes, number of users use each option of Google Form, such as check in, check out product in inventory system, or check in in attendance tracker system
1. Find Google Form which is generated by add on

  • You should create the Google Sheet file in separate folder because add on will generate a Google Form each time you generate QR Codes.
  • Open QR Code Scanner add on and create QR Codes. You will see new Google Form in the Google Drive folder
  • Click on this Google Form file when you want to view QR Code statistic
  • Please notice that Google restricts number of Google Forms which are created in short period of time, so if you create more than 10 google forms, we will delete the old Google Form files.