Best practices for submitting Google Workspace addon OAuth verification (Part 1)

Updated: June 6, 2020

It is very difficult to get OAuth verification approval from Google Team. Sometimes, I had sent 10 emails back and forth with Google Team to get approval. I will give you step by step how to submit an OAuth verification and tips for making Google Team happy.
1. Go to OAuth Consent Screen

  • To find Google Cloud project of add on, go to add on. For example, my Bulk Barcode QR Code Generator Addon. Click on Script Editor, and click Resources/Cloud Platform Project
  • Go to your add-on cloud project, click on OAuth consent screen

    2. Application Name
  • Enter Application Name. Name should be less than 20 characters because it is the addon’s name when you publish add-on for review
    3. Scopes for Google API
  • Enter all scopes in the appscript.json file
    4. Authorized domains
  • Choose your domain. It is the domain which you host your website
    5. Application Homepage link
  • When i requested some add-ons, i was confusing that application homepage link is the website’s homepage. It was wrong. You should choose the page which contains the add-on’s logo.
    6. Application Privacy Policy link
  • It is the privacy policy of add-on. For how to write the privacy policy, go to this blog post
    7. Application Terms of Service link
  • It is the term of service link. It is optional. For how to write the term of service, got o this link
    8. Create credentials
  • Create Google Workspace Marketplace Integration Client if it does not exists by clicking on Create credentials button
  • Choose OAuth Cliend ID
  • Choose Application Type web application
  • Enter value Google Workspace Marketplace Integration Client for name.
  • Click Create button. Google Cloud will create an OAuth ID credential