Generate QR Code WIFI for accessing WIFI via scanning QR Code using QR Code Generator Add on

Updated: March 14, 2020

When a customer goes to a restaurant or a shop. They usually ask owner the WIFI name and password. After that, they have to enter long WIFI password which could contain uppercase, special character and is very hard to remember and type. It is very boring and time consuming job. Smarter approach is that owner will create a WIFI QR Code and stick to restaurant’s wall or menu. And then customer will scan this QR Code to access WIFI network automatically without entering anything. They can use Barcode QR Code generator For Google Docs for creating QR Code WIFI very easily.

1. Install Add on

  • Install add on via this link or Open your Google Docs File and then click on Get add-ons menu.
  • Enter barcode and search
  • Install Barcode QR Code Generator for Google Docs add on

    2. Click on WIFI QR Code Generator menu

    3. Customize WIFI Information
  • Enter WIFI SSID or WIFI name. Please note that WIFI SSID is case sensitive.
  • Enter WIFI Password
  • Choose WIFI encryption method. Most common encryption method is WPA/WPA2
    4. Enter QR Code infomration
  • You can insert your restaurant, shop’s logo into QR Code or set up any QR Code’s properties

    4. Copy QR Code to Docs
  • Click on Copy to clipboard button. WIFI QR Code image will be copied to clipboard