Google Sheets Tutorial for Beginners (Part 1)

Updated: January 13, 2020

I would like to introduce you a basic tutorial for beginner when using Google Sheet

1. Sign in your gmail
2. Go to Google Drive and create Sheet file

  • Go to
  • Create a Google Sheet file by clicking New/Google Sheets/Blank SpreadSheet
    Create a spreedsheet file
    3. Enter data
  • Edit name and enter some sample data
    Edit name and enter data
  • Add Total in the A6 cell and click on Explore button in the bottom right corner (or press Option + Shift + X for Mac, or Alt + Shift + X for Windows). The Explore window will be shown up.
  • Hightlight all numbers (from B1 to B5)
  • Because we want to calculate total from B1 to B5 so we will drag SUM formula from the right side to B6 cell
    Drag and drop sum formula
  • Total number will display in the sheet. Press X button to close Explore window.
    Total number is displayed
  • Set cursor in row 1, Insert new row by clicking Insert/Row One menu
    Insert row above
  • Enter January month in the B1 cell
  • Click on bottom corner of B1 cell, you will see the little box, click and hold and drag to the right. It will automatically go to next month and so on.
    Insert row above
  • Enter data from remaining columns and insert new Average column
  • For C7 total cell, you can use Explore window and drag Sum formula, or you can copy B7 value and paste into C7. Similarily, you can calculate value for D7, E7 and F7.
  • Regarding Average H2 value, you highlight from B2 to F2 cell, enter mouse into H2 cell, and drag AVERAGE to H2
    Calculate H2 Average
  • Copy and paste value from H2 to H3, H4, H5, H6, H7 cells
    4. Set fill and text color
  • Highlight all month columns and click Fill color menu to change fill color, click Text color to change text color
    Change text and background color
    5. Change border of table
  • Select all cells of table and click on Borders menu to change border
    Change border
    6. Change number format
  • Click on 123 menu and change number format
    Change number format
    7. Add EARNING REPORT caption
    Add earning report caption
    8. Add Average chart statistic via Explore window
  • Highlight all average numbers and choose kind of chart you want in the Explore window. After that, drag into the empty space in sheet
    Add average chart
  • Chart will show up in the sheet file
    Chart shows up