How to generate Bulk Barcodes via Bulk QR Code Barcode Shopify app

Updated: September 10, 2021

1.Generate multiple QR Code

  • Choose Product Barcodes tab

    3.1. Enter Barcode content
    +You can choose either Id, Preview URL, Checkout URL, SKU, Name, Image as Value of barcode. For example, you set ID as value

    .3.2. Enter Barcode label
  • You can choose one of the following URL for label: Id, Preview URL, Checkout URL, SKU, Name, Image. For example, you choose ID if you want to show Name as label
  • The Barcode label will be shown like the following screenshot:

    4. Customize Barcode
  • You can exclude Value from barcode by unchecking the Include Value checkbox
  • Change Scale of barcode
  • Change Padding and Height of barcode
  • You can change Bar color, Background color or Text color

    5. Generate Barcodes
  • After setting up Value, Label, and customize Barcode you can generate QR Code by clicking the Refresh button
  • And then click on Generate Barcodes
  • Barcodes will appear in the list

    4. Customize the list of Barcodes
    4.1. Change the Page Size
  • You can change the number of Barcodes per page b clicking the Page Size combobox. After that,clicking on Refresh button

    4.2. Navigate the list
  • You can click on the left arrow or right arrow to navigate the list

    5. Save Barcodes as images
  • Click on Save as PNG to save an individual Barcode as a PNG file

    6. Export Barcodes as a PDF file
  • You can customize the following properties of PDF file: Page Size, Page Orientation, Number Columns, Cell Padding or Image Size.
  • After setting up PDF, you can generate the PDF file by clicking on the Report PDF link
  • A PDF file will be generated like the following: