How to generate Bulk QR Codes via Bulk QR Code Barcode Shopify app

Updated: September 10, 2021

1. Introduction
With Bulk QR Code Barcode Generator app you can create bulk QR Codes and Barcodes for your store, you could use them online to direct customers to a product or checkout page.

You can use QR codes to:

  • Let customers get more information about your product, or scan the code to checkout product
  • Place QR codes around your physical store that customers can scan to get more details about your products
    2. Choose a subcription option
    This Shopify app is a premium software. You can use full features in the trial period. After trial period is over, you should choose a subcription option

    3.Generate multiple QR Code
  • Choose Product QRCodes tab

    3.1. Enter QR Code content
  • You can choose one of the following content: Id, Preview URL, Checkout URL, SKU, Name, Image
  • If you want to link to the product URL, choose Preview URL
  • If you want to link to the product checkout URL, choose Checkout URL

    3.2. Enter label
  • You can choose one of the following URL for label: Id, Preview URL, Checkout URL, SKU, Name, Image. For example, you choose Name if you want to show Name as label
  • The QR Code label will be shown like the following screenshot:

    3.3. Customize QR
  • Change Error Correction: choose one of these options: Low, Medium, Quartile, High. For example, set Low value
  • Change Padding of QR:
  • Update Background Color of QR: You can change the Background Color of QR Code
  • Update QRCode Color of QR:
  • Insert your branded logo in the QR Code: You can insert the logo you want into the middle of QR Code
  • Click on logo button
  • Choose the logo or image you want to insert
  • Logo will appear in the middle of QR Code
  • You can change logo’size by clicking on the numeric updown *Logo Size control
  • If you want to remove the logo, please click on the checkbox logo name

    3.4. Generate QR Codes
  • After setting up Value, Label, and customize QR Code you can generate QR Code by clicking the Refresh button
  • And then click on Generate QR Code
  • QR Codes are shown up in the list

    4. Customize the list of QR Codes
    4.1. Change the Page Size
  • You can change the number of QR codes per page by clicking the Page Size combobox. After that,clicking on Refresh button

    4.2. Navigate the list
  • You can click on the left arrow or right arrow to navigate the list

    5. Search content by keyword
  • You can search product name by entering the value into the red textbox. For example, you want to search by the Striped text, you enter value like the following screenshot and click on Refresh button.

    6. Save QR Codes as images
  • Click on Save as SVG to save an individual QR Code as a SVG file
  • Click on Save as PNG to save an individual QR Code as a PNG file
  • If you want to save all QR Codes as SVG images, click on Zip SVG QR Codes
  • If you want to save all QR Codes as PNG images, click on Zip PNG QR Codes

    6. Export QR Codes as a PDF file
  • You can customize the following properties of PDF file: Page Size, Page Orientation, Number Columns, Cell Padding or Image Size.
  • After setting up PDF, you can generate the PDF file by clicking on the Report PDF link
  • A PDF file will be generated like the following: