How to generate multiple QR Codes via Bulk Barcode, QR Code Generator Add on

Updated: January 10, 2020

1. First of all, you have to prepare a Google Sheet file which contains three columns: QR Code Content, QR Code Label, and QR Code Image as below
bulk qrcode data

2. Click on “Bulk QR Code Generator” menu
The following form is shown up:
bulk barcode form

3. Customize QR Code’s attributes

  • This add on allows to customize a lot of attributes of QR Code such as content, size, min version, background color, fill color, error connection leve, mode, QR Code label, label size, label position X, Y, label font color, label font, etc. More importantly, you can insert image in the middle of QR Code such as your company logo.
  • QR Code Content, “Save QR Code Image To” are required.
    bulk QR Code form are entered data
  • You can preview how your QR Codes look likes by clicking the PREVIEW button
    preview bulk qrcode data
    4. Save QR Codes
  • You can save multiple QR Codes to pdf by clicking the SAVE TO PDF button
  • Or you can save all of these QR Codes to Google Sheet file by clicking the SAVE TO SHEET button. All QR Codes are scaled to cell nicely. If you want to change the size of QR Code Image column image manually, unchecked Scale cell to image checkbox
    save bulk qrcodes to sheet
    5. Create QR Code with label
  • Occasionally, you want to create QR Code with label. You should add a QR Code Label as above
  • After that, in the Mode dropdown, choose 1-Label-Strip, and choose QR Code Label column in the dropdown
    insert QR Code label
  • Click on the SAVE TO SHEET button and all QR Codes with label are embedded in the Sheet:
    save QR Code with label to sheet
    6. Create QR Code with image
  • If you want to insert image into QR Code, for example, we need to insert Facebook logo in QR Code, click on Choose File button
    insert image into QR Code
    the Mode will have to 4-Image-Box for allowing to insert image into QR Code. The add on will automatically choose this option
  • Image will be inserted to QR Code as the following:
    branded QR Code Image Result
    7. How to regenerate some QRCodes
  • Create new Sheet
  • Regenerate new QR Codes in the newly added Sheet
  • Copy these QR Codes into the current sheet