How to generate QR Codes and Barcodes via Easy QR Code Barcode Maker Shopify app

Updated: October 18, 2023

1. Introduction
With QR Code Barcode Generator app you can create QR Codes for your store that act like a physical purchasing button, or you could use them online to direct customers to a product or checkout page. The QR you create doesn’t change anything in your store, affect your clients, or change client’s orders.

You can use QR codes to:

  • Let customers get more information about your product, or scan the code to checkout product
  • Place QR codes around your physical store that customers can scan to get more details about your products or view more product variants.
  • Add QR to your window display to make it buyable.
  • Add QR codes to your product packaging so your clients can re-order by scanning the QR.
    2. Choose a subcription option
    This Shopify app is a premium product. You can use full features in the trial period. After trial period is over, you should choose a monthly subcription option

    3.Generate QR Code
  • Choose QR Code Generator tab

    3.1. Enter QR Code content
  • When you create a QR code from a product page, you can set up the code to direct customers to a product description page, or send them directly to your checkout page with the selected product in the cart.
  • Click on Select Product to choose product you want to link to
  • Select a product
  • After that, you can choose either Link to product page (Select Product and link QR Code to the Product Page) or Link to checkout page with product in the cart (Select Product and link QR Code to the Product Checkout Page) or Link to any website or content. When you select one of options, QR Code content will be changed automatically. Please do not edit QR Code content for Link to product page or Link to checkout page with product in the cart. For example, you choose Link to product page, app will show QR Content as following:
  • Click on Preview link, app will redirect to Link to product page
  • If you want to create a QR Code for product checkout page, select Link to checkout page with product in the cart and choose Variant you want. QR Code content will be changed based on variant value
  • Click on Preview to preview checkout page

    3.2. Customize QR Code
  • You can customize QR attributes such as Error Correction Level, Size, Min Version, Rounded Corner, Crisp via app
  • If you want to add a label to QR Code, please choose value Label for Mode, enter QR Code label and customize various label properties such as Label font, Label size, Label position X, Label Position Y, Label Color
  • QR Code label is created like this one:
  • More importantly, you can insert a brand logo or image into QR Code, click on Add image button and choose image you want to add
  • For example, i choose Facebook logo, after that you choose Image value for Mode dropdown

    +Click on Create button to see the result

    +You can download QR Code via right click on QR Code and choose Save Image As menu
    4.Barcode Generator
  • Click on Barcode Generator tab
  • Choose barcode format. You can choose Code128 A, EAN13, etc
  • You can customize barcode properties such as width, height
  • Enter barcode value and click Create button. Barcode will be shown at the top of the interface
  • You can download Barcode via right click on Barcode and choose Save Image As menu
  • You can add label to barcode. Enter Barcode label and customize label font, text align, font options, font size and text margin.

    5.Advanced Barcode Generator
  • We support more barcode formats via advanced barcode generator such as GS1 Data Matrix and more than 100 barcode formats
  • Click on ADvanced Barcode Generator tab
  • You can customize width, height, text align, rotation properties
  • For example, you choose GS1 Data Matrix format and enter corresponding barcode value. Barcode will
    be generated as belows:
  • You can also add barcode label and customize label

    6.How to use QR codes, Barcodes for your products
    There are many ways you can use QR codes and Barcodes to promote your business.

6.1. Use QR codes on your packaging
By inserting QR codes into your product packaging, you can make it easier for clients to know more about your products, or encourage existing customers to make repeated purchases by scanning to go directly to checkout on Iphone, Ipad or Android phones, tablets.

6.2. Use QR codes on your retail displays
Displaying a QR code on the windows of your retail store lets you sell even when your doors are closed to customers by directing them to your Shopify store.

6.3. Use QR codes on your marketing materials
QR codes can be used to promote other products or discounts with packaging inserts and through offline advertising materials. Instead of manually entering in your shopify shop’s URL, you can take shoppers directly to the product in your store by scanning QR Code

6.4. Generate and assign barcodes to your products
Generates barcodes for existing or new products. Barcodes can be used for local sales and/or manage your product inventory. You can adjust the length of your barcodes to make them compatible with Google Shopping.