How to manage Google contacts inside Gmail and Google Calendar

Updated: April 28, 2020

You can go to the website to manage Google contact directly. However, it is not convenient if you are checking email in gmail application and you want to add, delete, update contact inside gmail web or mobile application. G Contact Manager for Gmail add on can help you to do that.
1. Download add on

  • Go to and download G Contact Manager add on.
    2. Add Google contact
  • You go to gmail website, click on G Contact Manager icon in the right side, the application homepage will be shown up
  • Click on Add contact button. The following contact form will be displayed:
  • Please enter the Email, First Name, Last Name, Prefix (for example Mr, Mrs, Ms), Phone, Birthday, Home Address, Work Address and Note
  • After that, click Add button
    3. Search contact
  • Click on Search contact button
  • Enter one of the following information: Email, Full Name or Phone
  • Click on Search button
  • You will see the detailed contact information inside Gmail website

    4. Delete contact
  • You can delete contact via clicking Delete Contact button

    5. Show contact information when you are viewing a gmail message
  • You click on a gmail message, for example, message is sent via [email protected]. You want to see contact information if you think that this contact might be existing in Google contact. If contact exists, you will see the Show contact information in the addon’s homepage
  • Click on Show contact information button, you will see all detailed information of this contact

    6. Update contact
  • You can update contact via clicking Update Contact button
  • You enter all information you want to update and click the Update button

    7. Insert attendee to Google Calendar Event
  • Open Google Calendar event you want to insert attendee
  • Click Search contact button
  • Enter search information and click Search button
  • Click Add attendee button
  • Attendee will be added into current Calendar event

    8. Insert attendee, address and phone to Google Calendar Event
  • Search contact and click Add attendee and address button
  • Attendee, contact’s addresses and phone will be added to current Calendar event