How to mail merge from Docs using Another Sheet Data

Updated: January 11, 2020

We assume that HR Manager needs to send the offer letters to candidates who has passed the interview. For instance, offer letter template is as below:
job offer templates
1. First of all, you need to prepare a Google Sheet template including First Name, Last Name, Job, Department, Manager, Email Address, Email Status columns as the following:
mail merge from docs data

2. Edit Google Doc template
After that, you need to edit the Google doc file and replace the string you want to replace with the column of Google sheet. For example, you want to merge Position with data from column Job, you replace Candidate Name by {{E}}. E is the column header of Job column of Sheet data. Similarity, you update for Candidate Name and Manager Name. {{B}}, {{C}} for Candidate Name and {{D}} for Manager Name
edit doc template data

2. Install Mail merge from Docs using Another Sheet Data add on

  • Open your sheet file, and click on this link to install, or click on Add-ons/Get add-ons menu, search mail merge docs
    Install add on
  • Install Mail Merge from Docs to PDF, MS Word Attachments
    Download Mail Merge
    3. Import Google Doc Template File
  • Click on Main Merge Campaign menu
    Mail Merge Campaign
  • Click on Attachment on the Fly checkbox, and click the button Upload google docs
    Choose Doc Template
  • Choose your google doc file which you just updated in previous session
    Select Doc Template
  • Click on Select button
    Data from Google sheet will be merged to the job offer doc template file based on your merge fields such as {{E}}, {{B}}, {{C}}, {{D}}.
    Select Doc Template
  • Note: Do not edit yellow fields which are inserted automatically by Mail Merge Add on.
    4. Setting up Mail Merge Campaign
  • Choose sheet column which contains all emails you want to send for To dropdown
    Select Doc Template
  • Enter Sender Name and Subject
  • Enter CC or BCC if you want. They are optional.
  • Enter email content in the following box. You can use Email Editor of mail merge for editing email just like editing Docs or Word file
    Enter email content
    5. Send Mail Merge Campaign
  • If you want to send attachment file as a PDF File, choose PDF for Attachment FileType
    Choose PDF Type
  • Click on Send Button. Client will receive an email with PDF attachment like this:
    Merge PDF file result
  • If you want to send attachment file as a Microsoft Word File, choose MS Word for Attachment FileType
    Choose MS WOrd Type
  • Click on Send Button. Client will receive an email with Microsoft Word attachment as below:
    Merge MS Word file result