How to send multiple barcode images via Mail Merge Bulk Barcode QR Code Generator Add on

Updated: May 9, 2023

You can send Bulk Barcode images via Mail Merge Bulk Barcode QR Code Generator
1. Firstly, you should prepare a Google Sheet file which contains the columns: Barcode Text, Barcode Image, Barcode Drive Link, Email Address as following

  • Barcode Image column contain all Barcode images.
  • All Barcode images will be created in Google Drive folder which you choose when creating Bulk Barcodes. Add on will write each Barcode image’s Google Drive link into Barcode Drive Link column. Please do not edit Barcode Drive Link cells.
    2. Generate multiple Barcode
  • Click on menu Bulk Barcode Generator
  • Choose Barcode Content column
  • Choose Save BarcodeImage To column. Add-on will insert all Barcode Images into this column
  • Choose Barcode Image Drive Link
  • Enter Barcode Images' Drive Folder. Add-on will write all Barcode Images into this Google Drive folder. This folder is a child folder of Google Drive Root folder.
  • Click Save to Sheet button
  • Barcode Image, Barcode Drive link will be inserted into Barcode Image and Barcode Link column

    3. Create Mail Merge Campaign
  • Click on Mail Merge Campaign menu. Mail Merge Form will be shown up.
  • Choose *Email Address column for To
  • Enter Sender Name, Subject, Content
  • Choose Barcode Drive Link for Attachment Drive File Column
  • Click Send button for sending Mail Merge Campaign with Barcode image as the attachment file
  • For how to import personalize and track email and other features of mail merge tool, please go to
  • Customer will receive email with barcode attachment as belows: