How to Track QRCode Using Bitly

Updated: December 29, 2023

If your QR Code has a website link, you can track how many users click on your website link using Bitly. We will guide you how to do it.

1. Using Bitly

  • Go to website and register new account. Bitly dashboard looks like this:

Bitly dashboard

Bitly URL

  • Bitly will generate a short link for your website URL. You will use this link for generating QR Code.

Bitly shortened URL

Install Bulk Barcode QR Code Add on

  • Search QR Code and install Bulk Barcode QR Code add on

Install application

  • Copy the short URL (for example, from bitly into QR Code Content column.

Copy short link to sheet

  • Click on “Bulk QR Code Generator” menu and set up QR Code setting and click “Save to sheet” button.

Save QR Code to Sheet

  • All QR Codes are generated based on your configuration.

QR Code are generated

  • Finally, when user scans this QR Code and click on the shortened link, bitly will show QR Code statistic in the dashboard

Setting up QR Code