How to use QR Code Attendance for visitor attendance

Updated: May 22, 2020

When a visitor cames to your office, they will scan QR Code which is sticked in the wall by their mobile phone. They will be redirected to Google Form and enter their name, body temperature, telephone number.
2. Enter data for employee attendance
You create a Google Sheet file with following columns:

  • Name: We will use Visitor as a dummy name. It will not display in Google Form
  • Visitor ID: We will enter a dummy identifier ID because we use an unique QR Code for all visitors
  • Check-In / Check-out: Addon will write the attendance information in this column. For example, time when visitor check in, out.
  • Body degree: it is not a required field. During Covid19 pandemic, your company policy may require to enter body temperature when check in. In this case, add on will write body temperature in this column
  • Visitor name: Addon will require visitor to enter their name or any other information.
  • Tel: Addon will require visitor to enter their telephone number
  • QR Code Image: Add on will insert QR images into QR Code Image column

    3. Click on QR Code Attendance for classroom & employee menu
    4. Set up Google Form for visitor attendance
    4.1. Set up Check in action
  • Choose Visitor ID column for QR Code Identifier
  • Enter Google Form title, for example “VISITOR ATTENDANCE”
  • Choose WRITE for Input Mode. Attendance data will be inserted as new row below employee row.
  • Click the PLUS button
  • Enter data.
  • For more information about how to set up Google Form, generate QR Code, scan QR Code to enter Google Form data, please visit